Dark Yuen has been coaching multiple sports such as swimming, tennis, pilates and fitness at all age levels since 2001. She is a registered sports therapist in Australia with extensive background in sports injury prevention and rehabilitation programs. She is good at utilising sports science to design professional physical and sports training programs.

Dark was the basketball and physical coach of Professional Women and Youth Basketball Team at South China Athletic Association (SCAA). She has successfully led SCAA Basketball Women’s Team winning the championship of Hong Kong D1 Basketball League. Besides, Dark has experience coaching in the Hong Kong Women’s Division II League and Girls High School Competition – Noel Women’s Basketball Team and Maryknoll Convent School.

Her coaching philosophy is built around developing players’ confidence and passion towards basketball. By observing each players’ ability and to coach accordingly. Moreover, to ensure all players have the opportunity to showcase their full potential and experience game time at the highest levels through systematic training.

She believes her passion towards basketball and the happiness gain from team sports can be passed down to the students.

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